Your heater is one of the most important parts of your home. When it comes to wintertime, the temperature here in Pleasonton can drop pretty low during the days and nights. That is why it is important to keep an eye on your heater, especially if you know that it is a little bit older. There can be various ways in which a heater could be not working properly. That is why you should contact your local Pleasonton cooler and heater repair company today!

Make Sure To Note How Old It Is

The average life of a heater is 20-30 years. You may think that this is the time in which you should begin looking at replacements, but actually, you should start considering it when it is 15 years old. This is because the average heater can often have many things that can go wrong with it long before that 20-year mark. 

If you were good about having a routine check every year, then it may be something that you don’t even need to think about. Most problems start to occur when the heater is not being taken care of properly leading up to replacement. The routine checks that you may need to look out for are:


    • Replacement and cleaning of the filters. Not cleaning them properly can lead to soot and other things entering the system in a way that could potentially be harmful to the heater itself.
    • Have ductwork checked at least once a year. Doing this will allow you to make sure that the entire system is running properly and not allowing particles of any kind to enter into the heating system.
    • Clean dust and soot from the combustion chamber. This is something that you should not do your self and it is recommended that your local Air Conditioner repair or heater repair experts in Pleasanton can do.
    • Clean The Blower. This is another thing that you should not do yourself. Let your repair experts handle this when they are doing a routine check-up of the system. The blower should be vacuumed at least once a year to ensure that no particles get into the system to cause potential issues.



If you hire someone to do routine check up’s then all of the above will get done. The experts will also let you know if and when you get something replaced. Following the advice that they give should allow your heater to work for a while to come so it is important to maintain and replace whenever you are told to. After all, replacing a filter now will be a lot cheaper than replacing a heater in a couple of years.

Your Energy Bills Seem To Be Rising Every Year

There is not a single homeowner that enjoys paying more money for something that used to be relatively cheap. This is why when you notice that your heat costs are steadily rising that it may be time to replace your heating unit. While it may seem like something that costs a lot more at that moment in time, it is better to get it over with sooner rather than later. 

A new furnace can cost anywhere from $2,000-$5,000 depending on what brand and what caliber of efficiency you are going for. While that cost is nothing to turn your nose up at, it can be extremely beneficial in the long run if you choose a replacement. The amount of money that you will save on heating costs will eclipse the price of the heater in only two to three years. Eating that cost upfront is worth it for the savings.

Every Room In Your House Fluctuates In Temperature

If a furnace is doing its proper job and heating the house in the way that it should, then there shouldn’t be any rooms that are colder or warmer than the others. If you have any rooms that are noticeably colder then it means that it may be time for a replacement.

When a heater is heating a house, the vents leading to and from each room are meant to give out the same temperature. When this is not happening then it means the furnace is not heating at the proper temperature that is should. The heater will sense that the room in which the thermostat exists is the temperature of the entire house. It will shut off prematurely even though the house is not fully heated.

Your Furnace Is Noiser Than It Used To Be

When your furnace turns on it is natural for it to make a little bit of noise, but if you notice that it has gotten progressively louder or is making new noises that you hadn’t heard before, then it may be time to look into a replacement. Noises like rattling or popping can be bad signs for a wide variety of internal things in your furnace. If you notice any of these noises or there is a slightly loud hum, then call someone as soon as possible to come and check it out. 

Popping: This noise is indicating that your heater isn’t staying at a steady temperature that it should be staying at. So after the heater itself turns off it is cooling down to temperatures that are below what it should be. This is part of what causes your heating costs to go up because it has to work harder to maintain the heat itself.

Rattling: This is a bit easier to diagnose because it usually means that there is just a screw loose or the lower motor may be off-balance. This can be remedied easily by your AC repair experts in Pleasonton and will not typically be grounds for a full replacement.

Screeching: If this happens then it is a bad sign. It either means that the motor is starting to go out or the belt is extremely worn down. Either one can mean a costly repair or full replacement.

Your Home Has Soot And Dust Around The Registers

This is an important one to look out for because it can mean a wide variety of issues for your heating system. These can be very minor issues that can be done with simple cleaning or it can mean that it is time for a replacement. The registers are probably the easiest thing for you to check. If you have a lot of particles of dust around them, then your furnace may need to be looked at. 

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