The heat in South Texas is no joke. It’s a good thing Miller Heating and Cooling isn’t, either.  We tackle Residential AC issues head-on because we understand staying cool makes life in our beautiful climate bearable, especially during the summer. Thanks to more than two decades of hard-earned experience, we’re the number-one air conditioning service experts in San Antonio and South Texas.  Residential AC service you can count on.

Keep Your Cool

Running day and night, the air conditioner is one of the biggest heroes of a comfortable, modern lifestyle. It can be a big drain on your resources, though, especially if it’s damaged or inefficient. Our highly trained team is here to keep you cool without breaking the bank. We bring an unbeatable commitment to excellence to a full array of services that includes the following: 

  • AC repair, installation, replacement, and installation
  • AC maintenance and tuneups
  • Ductless air conditioning service

Signs Your Air Conditioner Might Need Repair

No Airflow

This is the most obvious sign that something is wrong, because it means your HVAC system is flat-out not working! If you’re getting no airflow out of your vents, then your air conditioner should be examined and repaired ASAP. When you live in San Antonio, a non-functioning AC system is no joke.

The Air Never Gets Cool

There are many reasons why your HVAC might continue to circulate air as usual, but fail to cool it. There are many components at play that work hard to keep the air cold, such as refrigerant and evaporator coils. If any essential component gets damaged, it can disrupt the cooling process in your entire system. Sometimes, in the sweltering Texas heat, lukewarm air just isn’t enough. We can help to get things back to normal.

Unusually High Bills

One common cause for air conditioner repair is high energy bills. South Texas homeowners are no strangers to paying their due for air conditioning every month, but if the costs start to trend upward with no real changes to your routine, it’s likely that your HVAC system is running inefficiently. There are many factors that can reduce the output of your air conditioner, such as a dirty air filter, natural wear-and-tear, a wonky thermostat, and more.

Disruptive Noises

Every piece of machinery is subject to natural wear-and-tear, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if your AC system has gotten ever so slightly louder over the years. However, if it starts making weird, unusual, or otherwise disruptive noises, it’s a good red flag that something has gone wrong in your HVAC system.

Bad Odors

Your air conditioner and HVAC system plays a major role in your indoor air quality. It’s responsible for circulating all the air in your home, and there are systems in place that are meant to prevent dust, allergens, and other particulates from spreading in your home. There are many reasons why a bad odor could manifest itself in your home, but don’t rule out a broken air conditioner as one of them. Poor indoor air quality is often the result of other factors such as mold, which can be a direct result of a compromised HVAC system.

Water Leaks

One of the ways that an air conditioner keeps your home cool is by using refrigerant to lower the air temperature. Refrigerant can take a liquid form, and the process itself tends to cause condensation. However, this should all be self-contained in your system. If water or other liquids have started pooling around your AC unit, be sure to call us ASAP — something has definitely gone wrong!

Let Us Sweat the Details

We’ve served our community with dependable, transparent excellence for more than 20 years. We simply don’t compromise on workmanship, parts, and customer service because you deserve the best. Whether you have a new build ready for its first cooling system or an ancient AC unit ready for retirement, we’re the team for the job. Experience the Miller Cooling & Heating difference today.