We like to think of the thermostat as the boss of HVAC — it tells all systems what to do. However, many people don’t realize the depth of a thermostat’s impact on their bank accounts. Is your thermostat saving money or causing headaches? Whether you need to upgrade a slider model from the 70s or your cutting-edge thermostat is spazzing out, we’re the solution. More than 20 years of experience have equipped us with the knowledge, skills, and tools to keep HVAC control in your hands. 

Make Technology Work for You

Your thermostat has two jobs — to keep you comfortable and use energy efficiently. If it’s having trouble, time is of the essence. Let us help. Here are a few of the common challenges we have faced throughout 20+ years of experience: 

  • Outdated, dirty, inaccurate, broken thermostats
  • Thermostats placed in sunlight, near heat, or not in a central location
  • Power issues
  • Bad or loose wiring
  • Programming glitches

Common Thermostat Problems

You should always call us if you suspect your thermostat is going bad, and we’ll help to diagnose the problem. With that being said, we’ve fixed countless thermostats in our 20+ years of experience, and generally, the issue usually comes down to one of the following common problems:

The Thermostat Is Broken

Sometimes, thermostats just outlive their usefulness and break down for good. This is pretty easy to diagnose with a digital thermostat, but with old analog models, you’d be surprised at how long you can go before you notice that something is wrong. Needless to say, if your thermostat has stopped working, or you suspect that it has, give us a call and we can make things right.

The Thermostat Is in a Bad Location

Your thermostat is responsible for managing the temperature of your home, and to do that on an automated basis, it needs to be able make accurate readings. Unfortunately, there are certain spots that can cause the thermostat to misinterpret the temperature. If your thermostat receives sunlight, is placed near somewhere hot, or not in a central location, it’ll pick up temperature readings that aren’t representative of the rest of your home. We can help you to get your thermostat installed in a better spot.

Loose Wiring

When your thermostat starts going haywire on you, it’s easy to assume that the jig is up and that you’ll just have to replace it with a new one. But that’s not always the case — sometimes the internal components and the thermostat are just fine, but they’re suffering from loose wiring or a bad connection. At Miller Cooling and Heating, we always make sure to check on this before we make more drastic repairs.

Programming Glitches

If you’re like the overwhelming majority of other San Antonio homeowners, you most likely use it on an automated basis. In theory, the thermostat should be programmed to an ideal temperature, and then send signals to your HVAC system to heat or cool the air in order to maintain that temperature. It’s possible to have bad programming in a thermostat, and we can help you get things back to baseline. This is especially true for advanced systems that have a variety of advanced settings — it’s possible that the settings may have been changed by someone without you noticing!

Power Issues

We mentioned above that a perfectly-functioning thermostat could be impaired by bad wiring. This is also true with power issues — if the device isn’t getting the juice it needs, it simply won’t work. As part of our thermostat repair process, we’ll take a look at your device to make sure there aren’t any complications that are disrupting power.

We’re Here to Help

With today’s technology, you can fine-tune your HVAC to run exactly how you need it to, ensuring you only pay for what you need. Best of all, when your thermostat is properly programmed, you don’t have to give it a second thought. We’re passionate about reinforcing that peace of mind. Choose us for all of your South Texas thermostat needs.